The Supernatural Factory delivers engaging creative content solutions. Our passion is driven by compelling and meaningful storytelling. 

We are a creative content agency connecting brands with consumers through authentic stories. The Supernatural Factory deploys its visual superpowers to inspire and influence through education and entertainment. We're creatives and consultants with a devotion to crafting media that drives action and inspires change. Our experts design simple solutions to convey intricate stories, complex data and technical processes.

Work with us to impact lifestyle culture with well crafted media campaigns to launch products and service. We work with innovators and investors to build video learning applications. We distill your complex ideas, images and messages to deliver emotional connection to a target audience. Sharing your product's experience to everyone on all screen wherever they are. 

Let us breathe cinematic life into your next project; we are endowed with the supernatural abilities to bend light and sound, to time travel, and fly! Create a call to action with creative content by building memorable stories inspired by influential people.


Oliver de Lantsheere makes magic happen anywhere, anytime.

Born into a family of artists and travelers. Oliver was immersed in global arts and culture from an early age; growing up in Chicago, London, Brussels, Paris, NYC, SF and traveling the world extensively.

His creative problem solving is rooted in discipline with both Animation and New Media at Parsons and Freelance experience in NYC video content networks and advertising led to his proficiency in all aspects of filmmaking.

Oliver's twelve years of creative experience crafted his skills as a Director/Producer and Media Strategist. He’s directed video content for major Broadcast Networks, such as MTV, Speed, Stars and Fuse, and Fortune 500 companies like Nielsen, Chanel, and Starwoods. At Nielsen, he built multi-screen content networks from the ground up. Notably Billboard Video, where he successfully built an audience from zero to half a billion in only two years. He later founded TrickMob, a user generated, curated, video learning community and game.

His creative passion lies in sharing stories of inspiring people, his search is fueled by curiosity. He absorbs everything there is to know about the subject in order to distill it's essence. His specific set of skills gives him the power to amplify and elevate stories worth sharing.


"I built my dream creative playground and open the doors for others to collaborate and dream bigger.” Oliver