About Us:

At the Supernatural Factory possibilities are limitless. We are a group of filmmakers, artists, and consultants with a devotion to crafting media that drive action and inspire change. Our creative experts design simple solutions to convey intricate stories, complex data and technical process. We craft distilled shots of information orchestrated with bright ideas (brainstorms), sharp tools and visionary talent to catapult your vision with a powerful message. We want to cultivate a community of pioneers, influencers, dreamers, and thought leaders through “Edutainment” by providing the tools and creating solutions across all mediums and all systems.

At Supernatural Factory our business is delivering quality video production, and our heart is compelling and meaningful storytelling. We will protect your vision while delivering it with the highest impact, rooted in purpose.  We use the power of authenticity and human connection to cut through media saturation and ad blockers—both technologically and mentally.

Let us breathe cinematic life into your next project; we are endowed with the supernatural abilities to bend light and sound, to time travel, and best of all, to fly!

We realize the most amazing people doing the most amazing things are hidden in the most unlikely places and our general mission at Supernatural Factory focuses on giving these people the megaphone. We are inspired by your story.


Oliver de Lantsheere makes magic happen. Anywhere, anytime.

He was born into a family of contemporary artists and from an early age was fully immersed in the visual arts culture. By age fifteen, he had explored temples in Northern India and museums across Europe and had already begun to develop a passion for working with people that wanted to create.

His filmmaking background is deeply-rooted in creative discipline; he studied both Animation and New Media at Parsons, where he developed his conceptual design process. This led to his proficiency in all aspects of filmmaking, and came to fruition in the professional world of video content networks and advertising solutions.




A few words from Oliver:

Oliver de Lantsheere


Oliver has twelve years of experience working as a Director/Producer and Media Strategist. He’s directed video content for major Broadcast Networks, such as MTV, Speed, Stars and Fuse, and Fortune 500 companies like Nielsen, Chanel, and Starwoods. He built multi-screen content networks from the ground up; notably Billboard Video, where he successfully boosted viewership from zero to half a billion views in only two years. He also designed and developed TrickMob, a user generated, curated, video learning tool with the goal of giving content a purpose through community and game.

Now, he aspires to create a call to action through cinematic video content and believes that this is best captured by building memorable stories inspired by great people.



"After a decade of steadily working in the prominent film industry in New York City and Los Angeles, I began to witness a shift in the relationship between traditional film, advertising companies and the modern day consumer. I had developed great respect for the process, especially for the people I’ve had the chance to work with and learn from. Yet, I still had a different dream consisting of a film production company that revolved around sharing and engaging authentic stories, while at the same time connecting brands with consumers.

I set out across the country in search for passionate, like-minded people living adventurous lifestyles with stories and visions to share with the world. Throughout my travels, I connected with so many beautifully diverse people and was inspired by their universal aspiration of the “American Dream”.

I landed in San Francisco and jumped head first into the tech start-up culture by building a video learning application. I gained experience networking with investors and saw firsthand the ups and downs of launching a new company. I quickly realized my heart was still in production and creating video content.

I resonated with the Bay Area’s precedence of innovation for human progress. It is here that new solutions are built on the crossroads of creativity and technology while bettering humanity. I was awed by the thriving creative center of revolutionary artists that call the Bay Area their home. I built the factory as my creative playground and opened the doors for others to collaborate, build, and dream bigger.”